Worried about Sea Level Rise? Look for the Lichens, Hakai Magazine (reprinted in The Atlantic, Popular Science, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

For Melon Farmers, Insects' Benefits May Outweigh Their Costs, Civil Eats

Bugging Out, JSTOR Daily

Ecologists Use Museum Specimens to Dig into the Parasitic Past, The Scientist

Oregon Capital Chronicle: 7 science, environment and agriculture stories

Book Review: Good Catch by Valentine Thomas, Civil Eats

Corvallis Science & Nature, 27 weekly columns for the Corvallis Advocate

A Bank of Her Own, JSTOR Daily

Why Do Sharks Attack Humans?, Discover Magazine


Vultures Prevent Tens of Millions of Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions Each Year, Scientific American

130-Year-Old Menus Show How Climate Change Is Already Affecting What We Eat, Hakai Magazine (reprinted in The Atlantic, Wired and Atlas Obscura)

Every Good Bird Does Fine, JSTOR Daily
(chosen as an Editor's Pick for 2022)

Scientists Use Sound to Attract Baby Oysters Back to the Reef, The Scientist

Inside the Project Trying to Save Datasets from Extinction, The Scientist

A Precautionary Tale, JSTOR Daily

A World of Wildlife in Abandoned Mines, The Scientist

Solving the Mystery of Washington’s Bigleaf Maple Die-Off, Earth Island Journal

Corvallis Science & Nature, 9 weekly columns for the Corvallis Advocate

Why Pair Bonding Seabirds Break Up, Hakai Magazine


Why Pair Bonding Seabirds Break Up, Hakai Magazine

Scientific Papers

SHEFFIELD GUY, L.M., ROBY, D.D., GALL, A.E., IRONS, D.B. & ROSE, I.C. 2009. The influence of diet and ocean conditions on productivity of auklets on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. Marine Ornithology 37: 227–236.

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2012-2016 (fiction)

The Ghost Lottery (Audio), The Overcast (2016)

Fylgia in the City, Plasma Frequency (2016) (Available through Amazon, Createspace, etc.)

There Once Was a Lady, New Myths (2015)

Trial of the God-Star, Daily Science Fiction (2014)

You Wouldn't Download a Mom, Plasma Frequency (2014)

Its Terrible White Horn, Mad Scientist Journal (2014)

Album, New Myths (2013)

Piper (Audio), Cast of Wonders (2013)

The Canary and the Roach, Redshifted: Martian Stories anthology (2013) (Available for purchase)

Setting the Price, Over the Brink: Tales of Environmental Disaster anthology (2012) (Available for purchase)


ABC Radio (Australia): Climate change and seafood menus (2022)


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