My published work so far:


Solving the Mystery of Washington’s Bigleaf Maple Die-Off, Earth Island Journal (2022)

Why Pair Bonding Seabirds Break Up, Hakai Magazine (2021)


The Ghost Lottery (Audio), The Overcast (2016)

Fylgia in the City, Plasma Frequency (2016) (Available through Amazon, Createspace, etc.)

There Once Was a Lady, New Myths (2015)

Trial of the God-Star, Daily Science Fiction (2014)

You Wouldn’t Download a Mom, Plasma Frequency (2014)

Its Terrible White Horn, Mad Scientist Journal (2014)

Album, New Myths (2013)

Piper (Audio), Cast of Wonders (2013)

The Canary and the Roach, Redshifted: Martian Stories anthology (2013) (Available for purchase)

Setting the Price, Over the Brink: Tales of Environmental Disaster anthology (2012) (Available for purchase)

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