Vultures Prevent Tens of Millions of Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions Each Year, Scientific American

A Precautionary Tale, JSTOR Daily

Scientists Use Sound to Attract Baby Oysters Back to the Reef, The Scientist

Every Good Bird Does Fine, JSTOR Daily

130-Year-Old Menus Show How Climate Change Is Already Affecting What We Eat, Hakai Magazine (reprinted in The Atlantic, Wired and Atlas Obscura)

A World of Wildlife in Abandoned Mines, The Scientist

Solving the Mystery of Washington’s Bigleaf Maple Die-Off, Earth Island Journal


Why Pair Bonding Seabirds Break Up, Hakai Magazine

2012-2016 (fiction)

The Ghost Lottery (Audio), The Overcast (2016)

Fylgia in the City, Plasma Frequency (2016) (Available through Amazon, Createspace, etc.)

There Once Was a Lady, New Myths (2015)

Trial of the God-Star, Daily Science Fiction (2014)

You Wouldn't Download a Mom, Plasma Frequency (2014)

Its Terrible White Horn, Mad Scientist Journal (2014)

Album, New Myths (2013)

Piper (Audio), Cast of Wonders (2013)

The Canary and the Roach, Redshifted: Martian Stories anthology (2013) (Available for purchase)

Setting the Price, Over the Brink: Tales of Environmental Disaster anthology (2012) (Available for purchase)


ABC Radio (Australia): Climate change and seafood menus (2022)

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