New Story: "The Ghost Lottery" at The Overcast

January has been sort of awful. In addition to all those famous people dying, some people I cared a whole lot more about also left us. Januaries are often like that - sick people get through the holidays, but once the new year starts, the energy to face another long stretch just isn't there. My wife and step-daughter and I did the worst kind of traveling earlier this month, and I hope not to see a plane or wear a tie for a good long while.

On a brighter note, January has actually been pretty good for me in publication terms. First, Plasma Frequency published "Fylgia in the City", a silly little apocalyptic faerie story, in their first issue back from forced hiatus. Now, a local podcast called The Overcast has produced a fantastic audio version of The Ghost Lottery, a story of mine that has been seeking a good home for quite a while.

Listen to "The Ghost Lottery" at The Overcast

I'm very pleased with how this one came out. J.S. Arquin did a magnificent job with the narration and production, making my words sound much better than I could. At the end of the recording, I prove that point by chiming in with a little story-behind-the-story afterword. If you're looking for a speculative fiction podcast to keep up with (and to support on Patreon), give this show a listen. Not only do they do a great job, but they pay their authors pretty well, especially for a podcast.

Overall, I would still like to punch January in its stupid, stupid face, but seeing these two stories find their way into markets that I genuinely like does help put a pinch of silver in the lining. And since I only published one story last year (in what was otherwise probably my favorite year ever), this is one department in which 2016 will certainly end up ahead.

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