New story: "There Once Was a Lady" in New Myths

Happy new story day! Due to many things, most directly my lack of submissions late in 2014, I haven't been able to make many new story announcements in a while, but I am very happy to have "There Once Was a Lady" in New Myths Issue #30.

Please have a read: LINK

This is my second New Myths story, the first being Album in 2013. Scott Barnes, who heads up the site, is a great editor to work with, and always helpful, responsive and fair with his writers.

"There Once Was a Lady" is the story of Ellie May Pritchard, a young wife and mother who has been dead for some time, and learns to re-enter both the world of the living and her son's life in a most extraordinary way. It's based on a nursery rhyme that just about everyone in the western world has heard at least once, and one that has always fascinated me with how dark and scary it really is if you think about it for more than a second.

It's also somewhat of a companion piece to my Plasma Frequency story last year, You Wouldn't Download a Mom. Both have to do with the changing role that a mother has in a growing child's life, and have no small amount to do with my own mother and how much I miss her. As my fiancee and I approach our wedding date in May, I expect many more days when my mother is conspicuously missed, none more than the day itself.

I'm happy to share this issue with J.C. Davis, Ellen Denton, Kristin Janz and a host of other great writers, and I'll spend a good chunk of time tonight making sure to read every one of the pieces that accompany mine. I recommend you do the same.

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