I’ve been coding websites and apps since 2007, and though writing fiction is thus far an exciting hobby, writing code is how I make my living. Based in Beaverton and Portland, Oregon, I am always looking for new individual, small business and organization clients in need of high-quality, affordable web services.

What I Do

I have worked with clients who have nothing but an idea for a website, and with others who have had a site for ten years and just wanted to make it better. My specialties include:

  • WordPress functionality through theme and plugin development
  • Analysis of current site traffic and content/technology planning
  • Security monitoring and implementation of appropriate security measures
  • Responsive design for enhanced mobile experience


Here are a few of my small business and corporate clients:

A legal services technology company

I work with Zapproved’s existing design and technology to add functionality on both the front and back ends, as well as overhaul security on the site.

italy_logoItaly Explained
A travel site

I built this site from scratch, using an Adobe Illustrator design, and have subsequently added both back and front end features and worked with the site owner to build traffic through SEO, mobile experience design and more.

besfish_logoBest Fishing in America
A fishing information site

I transferred this site from an outdated platform into the newest version of WordPress and have begun optimizing the site and working on mobile responsiveness and other features for the client.


The majority of work I do these days is with WordPress, the most popular blogging and content management system in the world. I have both built WP sites from the ground up and worked with existing sites to improve speed, security and reliability as well as to add responsive design for mobile devices. I am fluent in the technologies behind WordPress (the PHP programming language and mySQL database protocols) as well as Java (the language of Android applications and most non-PC hardware) and Javascript.

If you’re interested in talking about what I can do for you or your business, please email me at eunrose [at] gmail [dot] com.